Celebrating Halloween with

Healthy Habits in Mind



With the Halloween Holiday approaching, children of all ages look forward to the various costumes and parties and decorating the front yard with all sorts of paraphernalia. And of course,  the  excitement of trick-or-treat and the tons of candy and sugar treats to look forward to. 


As a mother of six and a dentist, the idea of hyperactive children, sugar rushes and possibly causing teeth problems are not on the top of my wish list this fall.  So with this in mind, my office staff and I thought of a bunch of great treats that we would like you to consider as an alternative to all the sugared candy treats:



1.  Headbands, barrette and other hair accessories. My little nine year, Fiona, always loves the idea of new accessories to wear. Her favorite items are headbands which she enjoys to use when she color-coordinates her outfits.


2.  Stationary and Greeting Cards.  I remember having so much fun with “stationary exchanges” when I was a young child. If planned out nicely, families who live on the same block can buy bulk stationery and distribute them to children. So, by the end of the night, the kids would have a whole variety of cards and stationery. I also like this idea because it promotes the good ‘ol fashion letter writing. This idea would even be better if pens were also given out.


3.  Baseball cards. Although it may seem that this is a thing of the past, baseball cards are great for the young collectors. It also brings back a wonderful feeling of nostalgia that both parents and children can enjoy together.


4.  Glow Sticks: These are very fun for the evening excitement. Glow necklaces, bracelets and plain sticks are so much fun to use during the trick or treat-ing. I love seeing the smiles and hearing the snapping and cracking sound to activate these bundles of joy.


Because it is inevitable that your children are going to receive candy and chocolate, it is important to promote healthy habits. We encourage children to brush and floss after sugar consumption and possibly limit the amount they eat per day. Don't forget that the sour candies might have lower ph-values (acidity) and may cause more tooth softness (demineralization) as compared to the chocolate alternatives.  

Lastly, for this Halloween, we are giving dozens of free toothbrushes to hand out to the many trick-or-treaters! For our patients who are willing to join our cause and promote healthy habits, please come to the office at 2960 North Circle Drive, to pick up your bag of goodies!  Have a Happy Halloween!




Your Resident Tooth Fairy,

Dr. Mylene Glueckert-Reinicke